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  • Linemarker Aerosol: Available in 750ml cans in a range of colours including white, yellow, red, blue, green and orange - can be bought in a box of 12 cans - discounting available on bulk purchase
  • Linemarker Paint: Available in 10 Ltr tubs with variable dilution rates for use in linemarking machinery
  • Backlapping Paste: Our stable, water-based backlapping compound restores a sharp edge, contributing to a higher quality of cut. Depending on the degree of wear and type of equipment, the correct grade is available from fine to coarse
  • Superclean: Traffic film remover and degreaser, cationic formulation biodegrades quickly leaving polymeric film
  • Parts Washer Fluid: High power solvent degreaser for the removal of heavy soiling
  • De-Mineralised Water
  • Rad-Add: Prevents and cures cooling system leaks while boosting antifreeze and anti corrosion properties
  • Superwet: Dedicated wetting agent. Non-ionic, bio-degradable penetrant. Low cost, high specification and performance
  • Wearable PPE: A range of products including latex/nitrile gloves, goggles and ear defenders
  • Barrier Cream: Essential personal protection from sore, chapped and cracked hands

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