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Oil Storage

    The storage of all 'opened' oil storage containers, whether it be fresh oil or waste oil must be surrounded by a secondary containment system in case of leaks. If you use a bund, it must hold 110% of the capacity of the largest container or 25% of the total amount being stored, whichever is the higher.

  • Drum Storage Pallets: A range of tough, hard-wearing polyethylene bunding pallets to ensure your oil storage meets legislative requirements
  • Fuel Storage: A large range of tanks and bowsers suitable for storing diesel, bio-diesel and petrol
  • Unfortunately, even with best practices followed, accidents can happen and that's where our spill response products can help. It is better to have them and never use them than to suffer a pollution incident and not have the equipment you need for the clean-up.

  • Isol8: A highly effective sorbent made from ground coir. For small spills it can even be used a number of times. Used by some fire services to soak oil/diesel spills at road traffic incidents.
  • Spill Response Kit: A satchel containing absorbent socks, pads, gloves, goggles and drain covers for dealing with larger spills.

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